Santa Barbara Zen Center

Sensei Gary Koan Janka, Head Teacher and Officiating Priest

Support the Santa Barbara Zen Center

The Santa Barbara Zen Center, including its affiliate, the Santa Ynez Valley Zen Sangha, is a not-for-profit organization that depends solely on contributions from students and friends as well as fees from participants who attend our classes, retreats, and special events.

In Buddhism, Dana (giving or generosity) is the first of the Paramitas or perfections. Generosity is a way we cultivate joy, reduce the sense of separateness between self and other, and actively support the third of the Three Pure Precepts, doing good for others.

We invite you to make a donation to SBZC by placing your contribution in a gift basket on Sunday or Wednesday or by printing and returning the SBZC Gift Form with your donation.

You may also arrange for AUTOMATIC MONTHLY DONATIONS from your bank account to the SBZC bank account. Here is the way to do this:

BILL PAY is easy to set up and to manage through online banking. After logging into your account, find the Bill Pay service and input the required information. You may note your preferred recipient SBZC or SYVZS. Use SBZCs mailing address Post Office Box 2250, Santa Barbara, CA 93102. Your bank will produce a physical check and mail it to us.

Opportunities for Giving